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Iron Toof


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Anvil x Toof Decay


Iron Toof runs long at 100-120 days seed to harvest.

Iron Toof Smells like sweet earth. The Anvil terps are dominant but toned down by the sweetness Toof Decay brought in. The flowers themselves are dense, the structure of the flowers is spot on without foxtailing, and are a lovely mix of purple, pink, and green.

The meristem was more significant than the size of a quarter, as were most of the side branches. Branching, in general, was superior in this plant overall, with many side branches being bigger than entire plants of other strains. With proper training, you could easily see this plant yielding 1/2 lb+ per plant.

This is undoubtedly a plant we plan to continue to work on, and we look forward to seeing what happens with this line in general. Hands down one of the most beautiful plants we have run to date. We highly suggest giving this beast a chance if you have the time and space.


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