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Cookies N Creme


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Twisted Cookies x Creme de la Chem


Cookies N Creme is a cross of Twisted Cookies by Twisted Trees and Creme de la Chem by Mephisto. Cookies N Creme has historically been a chem meets berry combo but can also lean towards the chem flavors. The flowers have been incredibly dense nugs ranging from green to purple depending on the level of light they receive. On average, I was able to get 4-6oz per plant, and they were great smoke. The trichome density was also impressive, with great coverage and trichome shape. The final product, when pressed, returned 15-20% yields.


3-Pack, 5-pack, 7-Pack

Filial Generation

F2 Generation, F3 Generation

1 review for Cookies N Creme

  1. Weedspiracy

    5 out of 5

    Love this strain! Plant was beautiful,smoke is amazing. Definitely berry meets gas, very dank!

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